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International Orders

International Bicycle Mirror Supplies & More

Individual overseas consumers may purchase Third Eye® mirrors directly by mail. Send an international money order or check in U.S. funds, the number or description of the product, and your complete mailing address to:

Third Eye® International
8863 Marsh Creek Rd #144, Clayton, CA 94517

Shipping Method

Your items will be sent by First-Class Mail. You may be required to pay duty in your country by customs or postal authorities. For more information on mail orders, contact Shela Greenlaw. Retailers and distributors outside the United States and Canada may email us for other terms.

Price List (Includes Shipping & Handling):

• ChainWatcher (01) - $12
• Pro Helmet Mirror (02) - $18
• Hard Shell Helmet Mirror (03) - $13
• Eyeglass Mirror (05) - $13
• Foam Helmet Mirror (07) - $13
• Bar End Mirror (09) - $17
• Loupe (06) - $12

Benefits of High-Quality Bicycle Safety Parts

When you’re biking, whether you’re on the road or on a mountain biking trail, it’s important to have high-quality safety equipment to protect yourself. From the right type and highest quality helmets to a variety of mirrors to help you see everything that’s happening around you, we carry a full variety of bicycle mirror supplies, helmets, and chain watcher items to help make your bike riding experience as safe, convenient, and comfortable as possible. When you need to place an international bicycle part order, our company is your trusted source for long-lasting, top-quality materials.

Third Eye Helmet Mirrors Attach to Any Bicycle Helmet

One of our most popular products, the Third Eye Pro Helmet Mirror, enables bicyclists to see what is happening behind them without having to turn their head, which can cause a safety hazard in heavy traffic or on trails. Much like the driver of a car or truck has a side mirror, our bicycle mirror supplies allow drivers to be more aware of their surroundings. This can help reduce accidents, improve reaction time, and enhance the overall comfort of riding a bike.

Contact us to place an international order or discuss your needs. We proudly serve clients worldwide.