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Third Eye® Pro Helmet Mirror (02)

Our pro model attaches to any helmet with an adhesive pad. Featuring adjustability, flexibility, range, clarity, and stability, it is the result of 10 years of development in bicycle mirrors. Contact us if you need extra pads.

Third Eye® Hard Shell Helmet Mirror (03)

This mirror clamps to the lip of hard shell helmets, and the maximum opening of the clamp is approximately 1/2 inch. The original helmets all had a rigid outer shell, so we designed a mirror to clamp to that outer shell. You can attach it to the visors of many helmets, as well.

The glass mirror is 1 1/2 inches in diameter and laminated into the mirror shell, making it shatterproof. This doesn't mean that it won't break. If you hit the glass with a hammer, it will break, but the glass fragments will not come out of the plastic shell. We also use an aluminized reflective backing to prevent the edges from turning black.

Third Eye® Eyeglass Mirror (05)

This shatterproof mirror made out of real glass clips to the temple piece of most eyeglasses and dark glasses. It is 1 1/8 inches in diameter.

The Eyeglass Mirror was developed because many riders were still not using helmets. We have a couple of sayings: "People that don't use helmets don't need them" and "A helmet protects your head, but a mirror protects your whole body."

Third Eye® Foam Helmet Mirror (07)

We created this particular type of mirror after the development of foam helmets, which either don't have a hard outer shell or contain a microshell (very thin shell). The mirror and the arm are made out of the same mold as our Eyeglass Mirror. It is attached to the rim of any helmet with Dual-Lock, like Velcro but much better. The new attachment is a great improvement without vibration.

Third Eye® Bar End Mirror (09)

The Third Eye® Bar End Mirror has a 3-inch glass mirror.

Third Eye® Chain Watcher (01)

Don't let losing your chain ruin your day. The Chain Watcher attaches to the seat tube next to the inner chainring and prevents the chain from coming off.

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