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Repair Services

Bicycle Mirror Repair Services

If one of our bike mirrors needs repair, we offer affordable bicycle mirror repair. Simply send your broken mirror or a complete description of the replacement part needed with your check of $2 per part + $4 shipping and handling charge to:

Bicycle Safety, Inc.
Third Eye® Mirror Repair
8863 Marsh Creek Rd, #144, Clayton, CA 94517

Bicycle Mirror Supplies

Send $1.00 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to receive one of the following:
• 2 Glue Pads for the Pro Mirror (02)
• Duel-Lock to Replace the Velcro for the Foam Helmet Mirror (07)
• 2 Rubbers for the Eyeglass Mirror (05)

Cost Examples:

• 1 Part: $2 + $4 Shipping Fee = $6
• 2 Parts: $4 + $4 Shipping Fee = $8
• 3 Parts: $6 + $4 Shipping Fee = $10

Ball Joints

The ball joints on Third Eye® mirrors (02), (03), (05), and (07) have a unique construction. The joint is made up of 3 parts, and it can be tightened by firmly pushing the ball deeper into the socket. The ball joint cannot be pulled apart. If you need to disassemble a ball joint, press a blunt instrument into the little hole on the joint and push it apart.

For more information on our bicycle mirror repair services, contact us today!