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Repair Services

Convenient Bike Mirror Repair Services

There are times when the components of your bike mirror wear out or break, making it dangerous for you to be on the road. Fortunately, Bicycle Safety, Inc. offers convenient bike mirror repair services so you can stay safe while biking. Rest assured that we have the replacement mirrors and parts you need to keep your ride running.

Simply send us the damaged component together with the necessary repair information. We also ask you to supply payment of $2 per part, plus a $4 shipping and handling fee, to this address:

Bicycle Safety, Inc.
Third Eye® Mirror Repair
8863 Marsh Creek Rd, #144
Clayton, CA 94517

Small Parts Matter

Get small replacement parts for bicycle mirrors from Bicycle Safety, Inc. Kindly send us $1 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to replace any of the following:

• 2 Glue Pads for the Pro Mirror (02)
• Dual Lock To Replace the Velcro for the Foam Helmet Mirror (07)
• 2 Rubbers for the Eyeglass Mirror (05)

Cost Examples:

• 1 Part: $2 + $4 Shipping Fee = $6
• 2 Parts: $4 + $4 Shipping Fee = $8
• 3 Parts: $6 + $4 Shipping Fee = $10

One-of-a-Kind Bicycle Ball Joints

Our Third Eye® mirror bicycle ball joints are part of our selection of supplies. The products (02), (03), (05), and (07) have a unique design that allows you to properly tighten the three components by inserting the ball into the socket. Thanks to its innovative design, the ball joint is stable and won't disassemble. You can simply insert a blunt object into the joint's hole when you want to dismantle it.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

No matter where the road leads you, rest assured that you can ride safely with the knowledge we can offer through our experience and recommendations. Bikers can ride the trails safely, knowing that we have their best interests in mind thanks to our bike mirror repair and replacement parts service.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our rearview bicycle mirrors or repair services. We’d love to answer your questions.