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Repair Services

Travel Safely With Our Bicycle Mirror Repair Services

Bicycle Safety, Inc. provides bicycle mirror repair services that ensure you can travel safely to your destination. We also offer replacement parts if the damage is too extensive; just choose from our wide selection of mirrors.

Please send us your broken part with a complete outline of the repairs required. Also include payment for $2 per part plus a $4 shipping and handling fee to:

Bicycle Safety, Inc.
Third Eye® Mirror Repair
8863 Marsh Creek Rd, #144, Clayton, CA 94517

Small Replacement Parts

When you need small bicycle mirror supplies, we handle that too. Just send $1 and a self-addressed stamped envelope with a note for any of the following:

• 2 Glue Pads for the Pro Mirror (02)
• Duel-Lock to Replace the Velcro for the Foam Helmet Mirror (07)
• 2 Rubbers for the Eyeglass Mirror (05)

Cost Examples:

• 1 Part: $2 + $4 Shipping Fee = $6
• 2 Parts: $4 + $4 Shipping Fee = $8
• 3 Parts: $6 + $4 Shipping Fee = $10

Ride With Confidence

Biking enthusiasts nationwide trust our judgment for excellent advice on the best bicycle mirror repair service for their equipment. Riders know our products and knowledge mean they can ride with confidence.

Bicycle Ball Joints 

Our bicycle mirror supplies include our Third Eye® mirror ball joints. Products (02), (03), (05), and (07) have a unique construction, with three parts that can be firmly tightened by pushing the ball deep into the socket. This design secures the ball joint, and it cannot be pulled apart. If you need to disassemble it, just press a blunt instrument into the hole located on the joint, and it will come apart.