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We offer a selection of Bicycle Mirror Products & Repair Services for Third Eye Mirrors
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Enjoy a Safer Ride with International Bicycle Mirror Supplies

As a cyclist, you are acutely aware of the dangers on the road. That is why your safety equipment needs to be infallible. When you choose international bicycle mirror supplies from Bicycle Safety, Inc., you can count on quality equipment that is designed with your safety in mind. We even provide prompt repair services and safety supplies so you can feel confident during your travels.

In Partnership with Third Eye Mirrors

Our partners at Third Eye Mirrors share our passion for cyclist safety and developed a product line that ensures a smooth ride no matter what your destination. Their quality bicycle mirrors easily attach to bar ends, helmets, or eyeglasses, and the Third Eye Chain Watcher prevents your chain from coming off during a ride.

Door to Door Delivery

No matter what your location or cycling adventures, we will send your package right to your door. We ship throughout the US as well as internationally. Whether you are a distributor, professional cyclist, or casual rider, you can order bicycle safety products with confidence in our quality.

About Us

Cycling enthusiast Dr. Jack Greenlaw clamped an oversized dental mirror to his helmet and invented what we know today as the third-eye mirror. After testing and refining the prototype, he introduced his design to the global market and thus was born a safety feature no cyclist can live without.

Third-eye mirrors are known as affordable, effective, and essential safety items. Initially, suppliers weren’t capable or willing to produce spare parts, so Bicycle Safety, Inc. developed an inexpensive mirror that emphasized accessibility over profitability.

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Bicycle Mirror Repair

Wear and tear can take a toll on every piece of cycling equipment, including the rearview mirror. Instead of replacing the entire accessory, send it to us for repairs. Just mail us either the broken mirror or a description of the part that needs replacement with a check that covers $2 per part and $4 in shipping and handling. Our skilled professionals will take care of the rest.


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Hours of Operation
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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