Bicycle Safety, Inc.

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Hours of Operation
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Company History

All of our rear view bicycle mirrors are manufactured in the United States. Assembly, packaging and shipping are done by a sheltered workshop. Arc and the State of California partner in a program that provides work, training, and counseling for people with disabilities in a structured environment.

Dr. Jack Greenlaw
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Our Founder

Dr. Jack Greenlaw invented, designed, and marketed our products over the last 15 years. The Hard Shell Helmet Mirror was the first production model. As a dentist, Dr. Greenlaw initially created a bicycle mirror from an oversized dental mirror that clamped to a helmet. He made them for family and friends. Like the good cook who is encouraged to open a restaurant, he was advised to start producing them for the bicycle market.

The original metal mirror was sold readily at a very high price. Our suppliers were either unable or unwilling to deliver parts. It became obvious we needed a mirror that could be produced in unlimited numbers and at a price that would permit all the players in the sales chain to affordably handle the product. This is why Bicycle Safety, Inc. was formed.